Movies That Make You Think


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Why we like independent movies!

Independent movies are those films created outside the Hollywood system, usually without the financial backing, big marketing budget, and product placement inherent in the “regular” movies.

Independent movies, like independent theaters, are a reflection of one’s passion and commitment to an idea. Maybe not out to make a fortune, independent filmmakers are willing to take more risks in bringing their ideas to the screen.

What we find so refreshing, from a theatre owner’s perspective, is that independent film companies truly want audiences to see their films. They’re much more willing to work with small theaters in rural communities (like Concrete), to get their work in front of people.

Lastly, we believe the best thing about independent movies is that they MAKE YOU THINK. Seldom filled with car chases, gratuitous sex and violence, and other ploys to attract mega-audiences, these films are usually more true to life, portraying real people in real situations that we can relate to.

More than an excuse to enjoy some popcorn (even as great as ours is) independent films give you something to ponder, long after the credits roll.

Please join us in supporting independent filmmakers. Take a chance on a movie you probably haven’t seen advertised on TV and billboards.

We may not like all independent movies, we might even be left scratching our head, but at least we’ll be using our head!

- Valerie

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